Drum cover Breathe Carolina feat. Danny Worsnop – Sellouts

Hello. Today will be another cover from our viewers. This time it’s a drum cover for the song Sellouts from Breathe Carolina feat. Danny Worsnop performed by Anastasia Strogikh.

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Breathe Carolina — American musical duo of the genre of electronic rock from Denver, Colorado, consisting of David Schmitt and Kyle Evena. Later, they were joined by other participants. To date, the team released four albums and seven video clips.

strogih anastasiya Drum cover Breathe Carolina feat. Danny Worsnop Sellouts

A bit about the cover artist:

About me: I was born and grew up in the city of cars …)) It is connected with music since childhood, but I have sat down at the age of 15 for the drums. I was taught by the wonderful teacher Konnov Vasily Yurich. After the second concert, I was invited to play two energetic people, called «RUKAVA». After a close cooperation with them, I received a huge concert, as well as technical experience.

Togliatti on the Volga has incredibly beautiful landscapes, but its size and dullness drove depression … Therefore, having collected thoughts, a bag and a guitar, I moved to St. Petersburg. And finally we got to work! For a short time, we managed everything that was planned. Thank you all for your help!

We take nishtichki, sit comfortable and watch!))

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